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The Van Swinderen Huys


The Van Swinderen Huys is a unique event venue for professional gatherings such as conferences, workshops, meetings and lectures, but also for drinks receptions. PhD receptions are one of our specialties as we host many of them every year.

With its medieval appearance, it is one of the most famous buildings in the center of Groningen. The building is not as old as you would think at first glance. Only in 1912 the construction of the Van Swinderen Huys started. In 2011 the building was taken over by the University of Groningen. The building of the Hanseatic Society got a new name: the Van Swinderen Huys. It names Theodorus van Swinderen (1784-1851), one of the better known Groningen professors from the 19th century. Someone who was strongly connected with the university, the city of Groningen and the province. The new function became an event venue for many different types of meetings. The management is done by three students from the university to gain knowledge and experience.

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